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Social Characteristics and Obesity: The Social Construction of Obesity in Professional and Popular Printed MediaIdaho State UniversitySociologyAshley Moeller[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
The Gender/Race Wage Gap: A Statistical AnalysisIdaho State UniversitySociologyLauren Crosby[]Thesis10 May 2014
Does Winning Trump Gender? A Content and Visual Analysis on Water Polo Matches During the 2012 Olympic Summer GamesIdaho State UniversitySociologyRachel Rowan[]Thesis10 May 2014
Idaho Farmers' Perceptions of Their Role in Food Production: A Narrative AnalysisIdaho State UniversitySociologyJordan Burke[]Thesis14 Jun 2016
Involved, Informed, Enrolled: The Role of Social Integration and Social Capital in ACA EnrollmentIdaho State UniversitySociologyAcy Bybee[]Thesis14 Jun 2016
Prenatal Healthcare Among Dalit Women in Rural Nepal: A Case Study of Sigana Village, BaglungIdaho State UniversitySociologyDipa Sharma Gautam[]Thesis14 Jun 2016
Exploring Colorism: Views and Experiences of Colorism in College-Aged Black MalesIdaho State UniversitySociologyAlma Jam[]Thesis13 Sep 2016
Youth Sports Participation and DelinquencyIdaho State UniversitySociologyJordan Miller[]Thesis13 Sep 2016
Effects of parental Gender-Based Attitudes Impacts on School-Age BullyingIdaho State UniversitySociologyJodi M. Dunn[]Thesis25 Apr 2017
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