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A Preliminary Investigation of the Prevalence and Perceptions of Vegetarianism Among College AthletesIdaho State UniversitySport Science & PEJustin Arias[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
A Kinematic Running Analysis of NCAA Division I Athletes with Medial Tibial Stress SyndromeIdaho State UniversitySport Science & PEEthan Ostrom[]Thesis9 May 2015
Olfactory Identification Dysfunction Associated with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Big Five Personality TraitsIdaho State UniversityScience & EngineeringBrittany Bowman[]Dissertation7 Aug 2015
The Sensitivity of Mountain Snowpack to WarmingIdaho State UniversityScience & EngineeringRichard Allison[]Dissertation7 Aug 2015
The Performance of a Fission Chamber Equipped with Gaseous Electron Multiplier (GEM) PreamplifiersIdaho State UniversityScience & EngineeringHaitham Abdel Majid[]Dissertation18 Dec 2015
Designing, Building, and Calibrating a Lithium Fluoride with Zinc Sulfide Neutron Multiplicity CounterIdaho State UniversityScience & EngineeringChristian C. Cowles[]Dissertation21 Sep 2017
Mechanisms Underlying Effects of Chitosan and Nanomaterials in Tissues Engineering Monotypic and Coculture Cell ModelsIdaho State UniversityScience & EngineeringWenjuan Gao[]Dissertation21 Sep 2017
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