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Design of a Multi-Fingered Robotic Gripper for Agricultural TasksIdaho State UniversityMeasurement & Control EngineeringQutaiba Khalid[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
Forward Dynamic Simulation of an Upper Limb Model with Muscle Activation PatternsIdaho State UniversityMeasurement & Control EngineeringAdedayo Adekoya[]Thesis9 May 2015
Optimized Wire Bond Recipe for 1 MIL Au Wire on A1 Pads of Various Pad WidthsIdaho State UniversityMeasurement & Control EngineeringHassan Masood[]Thesis9 May 2015
System Identification Using Nuclear Norm and Tabu Search OptimizationIdaho State UniversityMeasurement & Control EngineeringAsif Ahmed[]Thesis7 May 2016
Position Control Strategies for the Barrett HandIdaho State UniversityMeasurement & Control EngineeringSultan Sharif[]Thesis7 May 2016
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