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Educational Reforms in Pennsylvania: Momentum and Stagnation in the Keystone State, 1890-1900Idaho State UniversityHistoryJoshua Eppley[]Thesis9 May 2015
Tramps Staving for Coal: Coaling Stations in the Pacific, 1884-1900Idaho State UniversityHistoryNathaniel Williams[]Thesis9 May 2015
The Lowland Clearances of Scotland: A Study of the Transition of Space and PlaceIdaho State UniversityHistoryKurt Kirkpatrick[]Thesis14 Jun 2016
Wage Slavery and America's Labor Movement from the Industrial Revolution to the Great DepressionIdaho State UniversityHistorySeth Kirkpatrick[]Thesis14 Jun 2016
Rethinking the 'Indian Arts Museum': The Evolution of the David T. Vernon Collection of American Indian ArtifactsIdaho State UniversityHistoryAmanda Poitevin[]Thesis14 Jun 2016
Patterns of Organization and Genocide: The 1915 Deportation of ArmeniaIdaho State UniversityHistoryGreg Farley[]Thesis21 Sep 2017
“Everybody Has a Bungalow Hope”: Housing and Occupation in the US West, 1920Idaho State UniversityHistoryKristine Hunt[]Thesis19 Oct 2017
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