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Distinguishing Social Justice Advocacy in Counseling From Social Work Functions: A Delphi StudyIdaho State UniversityCounselingAlex Kerwin[]Dissertation8 Aug 2014
Research Mentorship: An Exploratory Study of Doctoral Student Satisfaction and Research EngagementIdaho State UniversityCounselingAlyse Anekstein[]Dissertation10 May 2014
The Process of Counselor Development During the Entry Transition into Counselor Education ProgramsIdaho State UniversityCounselingHolly Wagner[]Dissertation10 May 2014
Counseling Clients with a Low Socioeconomic Status: Counselors-in-Training Perceptions of Their PreparednessIdaho State UniversityCounselingMatthew Niece[]Dissertation10 May 2014
The Process of Doctoral Level Advising Selection Within Counselor Education: A Grounded TheoryIdaho State UniversityCounselingPamela Wells[]Dissertation10 May 2014
The Process of Personal and Professional Identity Integration of Counselor Education Doctoral StudentsIdaho State UniversityCounselingAnna Elliott[]Dissertation9 May 2015
Evaluating the Mindfulness Experiential Small Group (MESG) on Counselors in TrainingIdaho State UniversityCounselingLynn Bohecker[]Dissertation9 May 2015
Voices of Minority Students Within Master's Level Counselor Training ProgramsIdaho State UniversityCounselingKirsten LaMantia[]Dissertation9 May 2015
The Lived Experience of Doctoral Students as Mentors in Informal Mentoring RelationshipsIdaho State UniversityCounselingTiffany Nielson[]Dissertation9 May 2015
Undiscovered Meanings of Minority Doctoral Students in Counselor Education ProgramsIdaho State UniversityCounselingBeronica Salazar[]Dissertation7 Aug 2015
Queering Counselor Education: Situational Analysis of LGBTQ+ Competent FacultyIdaho State UniversityCounselingJennifer Gess[]Dissertation13 Jun 2016
A Situational Analysis of Counselor Educators Incorporating Spiritual and Religious Issues into TeachingIdaho State UniversityCounselingJade Letourneau[]Dissertation13 Jun 2016
Co-Constructing Reflection of Feeling: Conversation Analytic Study of Basic Skill Use by Counselors-in-TrainingIdaho State UniversityCounselingKristen Lister[]Dissertation13 Jun 2016
Mindfulness Training: An Evaluation of Effects on Pre-Practicum Student Anxiety and Counseling Self-EfficacyIdaho State UniversityCounselingBlaine Reilly[]Dissertation13 Jun 2016
Exploring Risk and Protective Factors that Predict Secondary Traumatic Stress in Counselors-in-TrainingIdaho State UniversityCounselingHailey Martinez[]Dissertation13 Sep 2016
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