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Analysis of Small Cave Sites Related to the Uxbenka Polity: Application of FT-IR Techniques in the Study of Ritual PracticeIdaho State UniversityAnthropologyClayton Meredith[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
Shoshoni Oral Narratives - Impacts of Narrative for Cultural Preservation and Language LearningIdaho State UniversityAnthropologyKaree Garvin[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
Identifying Deception Cues in Nonverbal CommunicationIdaho State UniversityAnthropologyMichael Ballard[]Thesis10 May 2014
Quechua-Spanish Bilingualism in Peruvian Communities: Using GIS to Investigate Linguistic DomainsIdaho State UniversityAnthropologyMisty Prigent[]Thesis9 May 2015
Modeling Human Locational Behavior in Montane Southeast IdahoIdaho State UniversityAnthropologyMaegan Tracy[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
Quantifying Thoracic Skeletal TraumaIdaho State UniversityAnthropologyCortney Hulse[]Thesis14 Jun 2016
Niche Construction and Boating Innovation on the Alaska Peninsula and in the AleutiansIdaho State UniversityAnthropologyZane Beal[]Thesis14 Jun 2016
An Archaeological Analysis of the Sublett Troughs Site (10-OA-33), Oneida County IdahoIdaho State UniversityAnthropologyAdam L. Clegg[]Thesis25 Apr 2017
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